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Fontaine-les-Lys map project pt2

Here is the second part of my map project.
I must say i think it as an architectural thing before thinking it as a pictural thing. I also pay attention to the possibilities of gameplay.
I did the maximum possible variations from a minimum of elements, given the huge task that this project represents to my scale.
Of course, if I had been able to establish a concept without these constraints the result would have been much more heterogeneous.
It was an interesting challenge to twist the "classic style" that is pure symmetry, harmony, sobriety and surpriseless into a potentially game environment that offer surprise, discovery, hidden things and different feelings depending on the perspective of the player.

Quentin riviale stack 1s

real time render

Quentin riviale stack 2s

real time render

Quentin riviale stack 3

real time render

Quentin riviale screenshot033

real time render

Fontaine-les-Lys real time map project

Quentin riviale img p11

early base concept